NEVER PUSH OR ATTEMPT TO ASSIST STRANDED ANIMALS BACK TO THE WATER! More harm can be done and it is illegal without proper permits. 


Do you have a house or condo rental? How about an Airbnb? On the right are our beautiful corrugated posters available to you for a small donation. It will make a great impression on your visitors, while helping us to spread the word about #cleandarkflat. And the best part? They’re weatherproof, so go ahead and stick them on the outdoor shower wall.

Please utilize the DONATE button to make your payment. Provide a note within the payment process “signage” and quantity and size you’d like. We will reach out to you to deliver locally. We cannot mail these.

Recommended donation:

12″ x 18″ is only $10 | 2′ x 3′ is only $20


Starting May 24, 2022, come by our tables in Rosemary Beach near Amavida Coffee and see what the BIG DEAL IS~

~Why do we want to protect sea turtles?
~Is it really 30 years before sea turtles are old enough to mate?
~My house lights shining on the beach are only on until we go to bed at 11pm, does that really make a difference if I keep the beach dark?
~Do sand castles really block sea turtles and harm them?
Bring your favorite questions!

We will also have:
Coffee beans ready to go home with you fresh from Amavida.
Coffee cups with our logo on them
Sea Turtle toys
Pocket sized red flashlight for beach crabbing
AND we have a few recycled used crayons molded into sea life, activity books, stickers and more!
We will be there 9-10am. We hope to see you!


We need your help! We get it, you love digging holes on the beach. Did you know the Walton County Waterways and Beach Activity Ordinance states:

“Holes dug on the beach are required to be attended, shall be filled prior to leaving the beach and cannot be larger than 3 feet x 3 feet and no deeper than 2 feet.”

Why: Holes on the beach are extremely dangerous to our beach safety and maintenance personnel as well as anyone walking in the early morning and late evening hours. It’s a real threat to our NESTING SEA TURTLES AND THEIR HATCHLINGS.

Want to help even more? Join our team of Hole Patrollers and head out at the end of the day and fill some holes.

Visiting? Let us know and we’ll see about meeting up with you one evening after 5 to patrol a section of the beach. Just email us at:

Hole Patrol Meetup Request


Ghost crab hunting is a time-honored tradition on our beaches here in South Walton. With that said, if you’re on the beach at night, please use red or amber lights so as not to disturb our sea turtles. And, once your fun is done, please be respectful and quickly release the crabs back onto the beach so they can re-moisten their gills in order to breathe and continue their foraging.

“4731ex macro Ghost Crab at sunrise” by jjjj56cp