NEVER PUSH OR ATTEMPT TO ASSIST STRANDED ANIMALS BACK TO THE WATER! More harm can be done and it is illegal without proper permits. 

Category: New Nests

  • 2009: Nest 8

    Nest #8 was found by Julie and Lee Wilcox  by the Pelican Circle walkover in Seacrest a loggerhead, left in place. You’ll notice in one photo, there is a splash of quite a bit of water with a little June grass and there was a shrimp like creature there as well….still alive!  Could have come […]

  • 2009: Nest 7

    Nest #7 was found 6/14/09 by Anthony a loggerhead it was below high tide line and moved.  This nest is by the last house in Stallworth Preserve. Note in this picture of #7 that it looks as if someone watched her nest and then put seaweed around the nest so we would not miss it. […]

  • 2009: False Crawl 2 & 3

    This is a picture of false crawl #2 she sure wanted to nest, false crawl #3 was about 200 yards east and was an in and out.

  • 2009: False Crawl 1

    These are picture of false crawl #1 for the year, found by Joe Burton 6/06/09 a loggerhead, she came in to nest but then just send back out. Frank found 2 Loggerhead false crawls 6/06/09 also, I hope they both nested other places

  • 2009: Nest 6

    Nest # 6 was found by Mark and left in place and marked by Joe and Mark in front of Campbell St. in Seagrove, a loggerhead, she ran into stuff left on the beach and also a hole.  Thanks people for leaving you things on the beach overnight.   UPDATE!! Nest #6, one of our […]

  • 2009: Nest 5

    Nest #5 a loggerhead was found by Charlie again in Paradise by the Sea and Charlie and Val had to move the nest straight back as it was below the high tide line of this week which is a low high tide.   Note the pink color, they are like this if they have been […]

  • 2009: Nest 4

    It was to be in my area but Charlie found it in Paradise by the Sea, 6/02/09 a loggerhead, left in place and marked by the veteran marker Val and Charlie…Hurrah Note the great tracks and see if you can tell which way she left the nest.. UPDATE!! Nest #4 results 102 alive in nest […]

  • 2009: Nest 3

    Nest 3 found by Anthony Head, a loggerhead just east of Bishop Road in the Stallworth Area. Left in place. Photo one crawl in is on the left with the crawl out crossing over in tract to return to water photo two with flag shoes track back into the water note how her back flippers […]

  • 2009: Nest 2

    Nest #2 was found Sat. May 30 by Tobias and Mom Val at Rams Gate is Sea Crest, a loggerhead left in place. Update! Here are the numbers for nest 2, excavated by Wayne Lofton, Charlie and  Louise Reichman. escaped from nest 116 alive in nest and released  3 total hatched from nest 119 infertile […]

  • 2009: Nest 1

    Nest #1 was found by Wayne Lofton and marked by Val and Wayne Lofton.  This nest is a Loggerhead found in Seacrest near Monterey and left in place. UPDATE Nest #1 hatched 7/25/09 Escaped from nest    9 Alive in nest and released     8 total hatched eggs      17 infertile no obvious    76 dead enbroyos    9 total […]