NEVER PUSH OR ATTEMPT TO ASSIST STRANDED ANIMALS BACK TO THE WATER! More harm can be done and it is illegal without proper permits. 

Category: New Nests

  • 2014: False Crawl #22

    false Crawl 22 was in Blue Mountain Beach a loggerhead The normal ratio of false crawls to nests is usually about half, but last year and this we are having way to may false crawls. I think it is because of the lights and people on the beach. We have 22 maybe 23 false crawls […]

  • 2014: Nest #31

    31 was 150 S. Winston Lanein Inlet Beach a loggerhead UPDATE!! Nest #31 escaped 147 alive and released 1 dead in nest 3 no development 3 total eggs 154 survival % 96%

  • 2014: Nest #30

    30 was in front of the second house east of the Blue Lupine walkover in Blue Mountain Beach a loggerhead. UPDATE!! Nest #30 escaped 82 no development 2 total eggs 84 survival % 98%

  • 2014: Nest #29

    29 was below 1017 Dune Allen Dr. the midpoint in Vizcaya a loggerhead UPDATE!! Nest #29 has hatched and been evaluated escaped from nest 55 alive and released 14 no development 47 total eggs 116 survival % 59%

  • 2014: Nest #28

    was found by Alan 75 yards west of One Seagrove Place walkover in Seagrove UPDATE!! nest #28 has hatched and been evaluated escaped from nest 37 alive and released 4 dead pipped 17 no development 23 dead embryos 11 total eggs 92 survival % 45% This nest appeared to have been wet from the bottom […]

  • 2014: Nest #27

    Nest #27 a loggerhead was found today by Sharon in Miramar on the eastern side of Edgewater in front of the tall condo’s there. I saw the crawl and thought it was a false crawl because it looked as if it went up and made the turn and back into the water, I was taking […]

  • 2014: Nest #26

    a loggerhead found by Beverly in WaterSound, first year walker second nest for her. 50 yards west of cart pathe walkover. UPDATE!! Nest #26 escaped from nest 95 alive and released 3 no development 2 total eggs 100 survival % 98%

  • 2014: False Crawl #20

    Angela was a busy a lady this morning. She also found false crawl #20, bottom photo, and that crawl seemed to have been made by the same loggerhead that created nest #25. False crawl #20 was located about the mid point of Vizcaya.

  • 2014: Nest #25

    Angela found nest #25, the 6th nest in the midwest area, top photo. It was a loggerhead and it was located below the Dune 1 condos across from Stinky’s in Section 14. Note the body pit she created before nesting, which located right in front of Angela. UPDATE!! Nest #25 escaped from nest 76 dead […]

  • 2014: Nest #24

    was found today by Ben in the Miramar area, in front of the western most house in Fransista. Good for Ben for seeing the tracts so many footprints all over. the folks there had been on the beach parting all night, stuff all over, lots of beer cans. Ben got a video that was not […]