NEVER PUSH OR ATTEMPT TO ASSIST STRANDED ANIMALS BACK TO THE WATER! More harm can be done and it is illegal without proper permits. 

Category: New Nests

  • 2014: Nest #40

    Nest #39 another one for our Miramar area, this loggerhead found by Erica, and marked with the help of Shar. The nest is in the open area just west of Pompano Joe’s a crossed from Avalon. We usually have a nest in this area and every time, there are so many lights in that area […]

  • 2014: False Crawl #32

    Oh what a heart beaker. 4 Mile Village needs a nest and this would have been so great. This green crawled up 95 feet into the sea oats, just to keep on trucking around and back to the water. Oh no. I called Topsail to see if they had a nest but they did not, […]

  • 2014: Nest #39

    Was found by Eden Cooper a loggerhead below 201 Highland Ave., the 4th house east of the Stallworth walkover. At first she thought it might be a crawl left over from the day before because the crawl was getting so close to disappearing. It was a short crawl and the tracks were washing out from […]

  • 2014: Nest #38

    a loggerhead at Alys Beach main walkover, we got a call from Alys Beach security and some TW volunteers were able to go down and watch her nest at about 7 P.M. What a treat and we have videos on our face book page, south walton turtle watch UPDATE!! Nest 38 has hatched and been […]

  • 2014: Nest #37

    That is correct we found 2 nests in the Miramar area today. That brings the total in that area to 8. Wow. I got a call on this one last night which woke me up and so we were warned and good thing because no incoming track shows. Thanks to the neat folks who marked […]

  • 2014: Nest #36

    Wow, I found my second loggerhead nest this morning, she had to come up over the escarpment and then nest and back down with a slide. Beautiful nest. We have a great group of folks to talk to and educate. Thanks to all and please spread the word. This is just off the Sand Trap […]

  • 2014: Nest #35

    Kelley Glover found nest #35 this morning, our 9th nest and Kelley’s 3rd, below 12 White Cliffs Crest, the 2nd house east of the Blue Lupine condos (this used to be called The Inn at Blue Mountain). It was a loggerhead nest. It is just one house to the east of the nest Kelley found […]

  • 2014: Nest #34

    Nest #34 was found 7-16-2014 by Anne 100 yds west of Beachfront Trail UPDATE!! Nest #34 was found 7-16-2014 by Anne Stuart in seagrove it has hatched and been evaluated escaped from nest 103 no development 7 total eggs 110 survival % 94%

  • 2014: Nest #33

    This lady we think was trying to find a dark beach, our second nest in an area we don’t usually get a nest. a loggerhead nest in Grayton Beach 79 Lupine Rd. No bonfires any where is Grayton hurrah….Her eggs were under her outgoing crawl. UPDATE!! Nest #33 escaped 107 dead pipped 1 no development […]

  • 2014: Nest #32

    a loggerhead was found by Tosha at 179 Pelican Circle in SeaCrest UPDATE!! Nest #32 escaped from nest 117 alive and released 1 no development 11 total eggs 129 survival % 91%