NEVER PUSH OR ATTEMPT TO ASSIST STRANDED ANIMALS BACK TO THE WATER! More harm can be done and it is illegal without proper permits. 

Category: 2015 Nests

  • 2012: Nest #18

    UPDATE: Nest #18 has hatched and been dug. 46 escaped from nest 3 alive in nest and released 63 non hatched eggs 112 total eggs 44% success

  • 2012: Nest #17

    101 Eggs Turtle came up 33ft UPDATE: Nest #17 hatched 8/5 dug 8/8 92 escaped 9 whole eggs 101 total eggs 91% Success

  • 2012: Nest #16

    Busy morning! Wayne found 2 nests and one false crawl…..Jennifer found a false crawl and 2 others at the other end, Joey and Dawn, each found nests! 4 nests in one morning! Photos here of nest 16. Both our nests were found in Alys Beach……you sure are missing a lot of action Al! Kate takes […]

  • 2012: False Crawl #8

    False crawl was in Inlet. It looked like a nest, but wasn’t. Nice crawl though! See the drag under her shell? Notice if you see that again on any of your tracks.

  • 2012: Nest #15

    Tobias, poses by nest 15. She nested nice and high! UPDATE: Nest #15 washed in TS Debbie

  • 2012: Nest #14

    Found by Angela at Journeys End next to nest 13. It took us a while but we found the eggs X marks the spot. UPDATE: Nest #14 has hatched and been dug 87 escaped from nest 9 non hatched eggs 106 total eggs 82 % success

  • 2012: Nest #13

    Friday June 1, loggerhead at Journey’s End, Dune Allen. UPDATE: Nest #13 3 escaped from nest 85 were alive in nest and released 4 non hatched eggs 92 total eggs 96% success

  • 2012: Nest #12

    Loggerhead nest in front of Tranquality in Seacrest Nest #12. Photos to follow and we had such a celebration at Tranquility By the Sea. A vacationer found it and was so excited, she woke her parents and we will have photos posted of a nest party! First year walkers, Jim and Tosha were at both […]

  • 2012: Nest #11

    Hurrah Eastenders, wow, they sure are here. Wayne is doing a great job. Thursday May 31, Loggerhead nest on Rosemary Beach Nest #11. UPDATE: Nest #11 has hatched and been dug results are 8 hatchlings had escaped from the nest 98 were alive in nest and released 1 hatchling was dead in nest 1 non […]