Nest 4 Relocation from Gulf Oil Spill

On June 2, 2010 Kelly found a Loggerhead Sea Turtle nest in Walton County.  This nest was to close to the high tide line and was moved straight back.  Because of the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico the nests were to be relocated into coolers and transported to the East Coast of Florida.  When this nest was dug into to be relocated it was found that some eggs were already piping.  Piping is when the sea turtle hatchlings brake open the egg.  The nest was quickly reburied and a cage put over it to catch the hatchlings so they would not hatch and go into the Gulf of Mexico.  Two days later an indentation appeared in the nest and that night volunteers Sherry and Anthony watched the nest.  About 9 p.m. the hatchlings started to appear.  They wanted to go to the water.  The hatchlings, 91 in all were gathered up and up into two separate coolers and kept overnight. Early the next morning Bob Reddick and his Fed Ex truck were waiting to take the hatchlings to the East Coast to be released into the Atlantic.  With great care the coolers were strapped in for their ride to meet Bob. The coolers were labeled and the volunteers present introduced Bob to our Hatchlings.  The hatchlings in the coolers were very happy to be going to the water.  Bob took his time and got the coolers securely into the truck and away the hatchlings went with the words “Come back and nest here in Walton County.