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This activity, also know as semantic mapping, can be used as a group discussion or as part of a creative writing activity. It is a brainstorming session that allows the students to share their knowledge of a subject, reinforces the information they already have, and helps build vocabulary. It can be modified for any age group of type of class.


Write the words “sea turtle” on the board. Draw a circle around the words. Ask the students to think of things that are in some way “connected” to sea turtles. Write each new idea in another circle connected by a spoke to the sea turtle circle. Some of the circles may be connect to each other as well. The teacher may want to pose prompting questions such as:

· What do sea turtles eat?
· What animals eat sea turtles?
· Are any of those animals related to each other in some way?
· Where do sea turtles live?
· What do sea turtles look like?
· Do sea turtles have any enemies?
· How do sea turtles reproduce?

This lesson could be followed by a creative writing activity built on the ideas generated.

Source: Sea Turtle Restoration Project








South Walton Turtle Watch

Florida Sea Turtle Grants Program

Van R. Butler Elementary School


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