Sea Turtles and You

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Turtle Unit Test

True or False
Write the letter T for true or F for false to correctly answer the questions:

___ 1. It is against the law to touch a sea turtle nest, eggs, or hatchlings, unless you are on a special permit.

___ 2. The sea turtle can only make their nests on beaches.

___ 3. Almost all of the baby turtles (hatchlings) live to become adults.

___ 4. Female sea turtles can nest at any time during the day or night.

___ 5. Baby turtles (hatchlings) always hatch at night.

___ 6. Sea turtles have been here since pre-historic times.

___ 7. Sea turtles cannot pull their heads and feet into their shells like turtles who live on land.

___ 8. Sea turtles have many teeth to chew their food.

___ 9. Sea turtles return to the same area to nest each time.

___10. Sea turtles are always found in groups with other sea turtles.

___11. Sea turtles can stay underwater for a long time.

___12. Sea turtles like to have their picture taken on the beach.

___13. Baby sea turtles grow quickly.

Multiple Choice 
Write the correct letter to answer the question:

____ 1. The two common species of turtles found on South Walton
Florida beaches are:
a) Snapping and Land b) Green and Loggerhead 
c) Kemps Ridley and Hawksbill d) Black and Gopher

____ 2. In our area, turtles lay their eggs from: 
a) morning until night b) May through October
c) east to west d) November through May 

____ 3. Baby turtles hatch from: 
a) Feb. 14 - March 1 b) July - November
c) 8:00 am 12Noon d) Monday - Friday

____ 4. About how many rubbery, ping-pong shaped eggs will the 
female turtle may lay in one nest?
a) 5 b) 30 c) 125 d) 500

____ 5. Sea turtles are reptiles because they: 
a) swim & dive c) have a hard shell & flippers
b) crawl & eat d) breath air and lay eggs

Essay Questions

Answer the following questions in your own words:

1. What is a TED and how are they important?
2. Name three (3) ways to help the sea turtle survive.







On the back of this page, draw and/or explain the life cycle of the sea turtle.


Answer Key

True or False

1. T
2. T
3. F
4. F
5. T
6. T
7. T
8. F
9. T
10. F
11. T
12. F
13. F

Multiple Choice

1. B
2. B
3. B
4. C
5. D

Essay Questions

1. TED is a Turtle Excluder Device used to decrease turtle deaths caused by commercial fishing.

2. a) After your day at the beach, smooth out your sandcastles and fill in holes you have created.

b) Turn off any lights that can be seen from the beach. Close blinds and curtains for inside lights.

c) Use only flashlights with red film over them that are turtle friendly.

d) Properly dispose of any plastic you find when visiting the beach.

e) Remove any beach chairs, tents, toys, umbrellas, kayaks, floats or obstacles from sunset to sunrise.

f) If you see a sea turtle or hatchling, stay away, do not disturb. 































































South Walton Turtle Watch

Florida Sea Turtle Grants Program

Van R. Butler Elementary School


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