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Sea Turtles and You Home


· Sea Turtle Journey, The Story of a Loggerhead Turtle – Lorraine A. Jay, Soundprints, 1995
· Endangered Sea Turtles – Bobbie Kalman, Crabtree Publishing Company, 2004
· The Turtle Saver – Laurie Parker, Quail Ridge Press, 2002
· Into the Sea – Brenda A. Guiberson, Henry Holt & Co., 1996
· Sea Turtles – Gail Gibbons, Holiday House, 1995
· Circle of Life – Mrs. Suzanne St. Clair’s Third Grade Class


· “Florida’s Sea Turtles” Booklet – Florida Power & Light Co.
· “Florida’s Sea Turtles” Pamphlet – Florida Power & Light Co.
· “Sea Turtles and Lights” Pamphlet – Florida Power & Light Co.
· “You Can Help Protect Sea Turtles” Pamphlet – U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
· “The Beach Where You Come To Play Is Where I Come To Lay My Eggs” Pamphlet – South Walton Turtle Watch

Teaching Guides

· Sea Turtle & Coastal Habitat Education Program, An Educator’s Guide – Sea Turtle Survival League
· Help Me Find The Way – Suzanne Holland
· Sea Turtle Teaching Kit – Sea Turtle Restoration Project, Earth Island Institute
· Florida Activity Guide – U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service


· “SWTW Video 2002”
· “Talking About Sea Turtles”

Computer Software Programs

· “Imagination Express: Oceans”
· “Magic School Bus Explores the Ocean”
· “One Small Square: Seashore”












South Walton Turtle Watch

Florida Sea Turtle Grants Program

Van R. Butler Elementary School


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